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Stay tuned to this blog for fresh content on how to prepare for college. Coach Blue will share application process updates, new scholarships, tips and strategies for academic success, and much more to prepare you for this journey! For any questions regarding information on this page, please reach out to Coach Blue at dblue@youngblackleadership.org.


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Head Coach Land 

YBLA Head Coach &

YBM Sr. Ambassador Coach 

Coach Ka'rin Long 

YBW Jr. Ambassador Coach 

Coach Cory Bennett

YBM Jr. Ambassador Coach 


College Advisor Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday

4:00pm - 6:00pm

Coach Sarah Rucker

YBW Jr. Ambassador Coach 

Coach Ohavia Phillips

YBLA Special Teams Coach

Coach Destiny Blue

YBLA College Advisor 


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Business Manager Support 

Princess Mayfield 


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