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Leading Change

Young Black Leadership Alliance (YBLA) will be partnering with Dixon Hughes Goodman (DHG) to launch “Community Conversations,” a six-month long educational and action-oriented program created to help eliminate racial disparities and end racial injustice in the local community. The three-phased approach will focus on education and collaboration, with calls to action throughout the program.

“We want our discussions to lead to action that will create change to help mend a society that is broken in the areas of justice and equality for Black people. It is our vision to bring the community together to initiate system-level changes in Charlotte and build a better tomorrow for the African-American community.”

John Martin, Co-Founder and CEO of YBLA


Community Conversation

Action Phases

Phase 1

To Educate & Understand

Black panelists share their experiences in
the disparity areas.

Phase 2

Phase 3

Collaborating & Creating Solutions

Actions & Results

Experts come
together to discuss facts,
identify potential solutions and pledge their
commitments to close the
gap in the disparity areas.

Showing the results of the
work being done in the
Charlotte Community

July 14 – Aug 18

Aug 25 – Nov 17

Dec 1 – Dec 29

Parallel Lines







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No More Silence

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Watch our latest Community Conversations

Week 1

July14th 2020

Week 2

July 21th 2020

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Watch our latest Community Conversations

Week 1 - Young Black Men of YBLA

July 14th 2020

Week 3 - Black Women in Corporate America 

July 28th 2020

Week 5 - Black Small Business Owners

August 11th 2020

Week 7 - Corporate Executive Panel: Discussion on Racial Disparities in the Workforce

August 25th 2020

Week 9 - Racial Disparities in Criminal Justice.

September 22th 2020

Week 11 - Solutions to Racial Disparities in Healthcare

October 20th 2020

Week 2 - Young Black Women of YBLA

July 21th 2020

Week 4 - Black Men in Corporate America

August 4th 2020

Week 6 - Black-Led Nonprofit Organizations

August 18th 2020

Week 8 - Racial Disparities in Housing

September 8th 2020

Week 10 - Solutions to Racial Disparities in Education

October 6th 2020

Week 12 - Solutions to Racial Disparities in Finance

November 2nd 2020

Week 13 - Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

November 17th 2020

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